Sunil Negi,Jago Uttarakhand,New Delhi

After going through the incessant confrontation between the government of NCT of Delhi led by Arvind Kejrival and the LG, the central government’s nominee for the last two years or more I have personally come to the conclusion that this blame should now stop from either side keeping in view the larger interest of the Delhi electorates who are more or less feeling cheated despite having elected the AAP government with such a historic majority giving 67 lawmakers.

It’s almost four years’ when Arvind Kejrival led Delhi government assumed power in Delhi defeating the 15 year old Delhi government led by Shiela Dikshit in which she herself lost to the former, from the Delhi’s Gole market assembly seat. People had and are still having tremendous hopes on Delhi government as far as acknowledging certain concessions in various sectors like water, electricity, health, education, social welfare schemes n transport are concered.

But every thing and every situation has its saturation point. However despite the apex court’s orders clearly spelling out the powers of the LG and the state government including the chief minister and his council of ministers things are again to square one as the secretary services has refused to obey the orders of the Delhi’s deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia with regard to transfers and postings which the latter has termed as breach or contempt of the honourable apex court.

The seniour bureaucrats have their genuine fears as the political quarrel may end at one point of time but they get fixed under the various complexities of legal norms hence they exercise enough caution.

The moot point is, the Congress under the Shiela Dikshit’s stewardship ruled Delhi for 15 long years and the national capital smoothly progressed by leaps and bounds with no quarrel with the then LGs’ but why is it that after the AAP assumed power in Delhi things started becoming awry and in disarray.

The logic is simple that during the Congress’s Delhi rule the centre was ruled by Congress for a decade but now two different ideological governments are functioning in Delhi’s centre and in the state inviting the incessant trouble of downgrading each other.

Sounds shocking, as its the Delhi people who are the ultimate victim and sufferers being unnecesarily sandwitched between the politics of AAP and BJP for the last four years.

If we assess the outcome of the state government during its last four year tenure its maximum period has been wasted in accusations and counter accusations with no positive results in terms of any credible infrastructural development or fulfilling its majority of its pre election promises.

While the Delhi’s AAP government puts the entire blame on the BJP led centre and prime minister Narendra Modi, the BJP leaders castigate Arvind Kejrival as a dramatist having failed on all fronts while addressing the grievances of the Delhites.

The political analysts say that having been failed to some extent to oblige the Delhites to deliever adequately the clever AAP chief Arvind Kejrival and his cohorts want to now shift the entire blame of their incompetence and inefficiency on the BJP led centre by accusing the saffron party and its union government for creating solid obstacles and bottlenecks on the way of its smooth functioning and implementing various pro people measures.

Now the Delhi elections are round the corner and AAP is desperate to stage a re come back and so is the BJP which considers Delhi as its traditional stronghold.

Therefore, the blame game and the game of denigrating each other goes on unabatedly resulting in the Delhi government in a position of literal fix not being able to function credibly.

The Congress Party however has no role to play in Delhi politics except organising protest demonstratiins and sit ins as it is devoid of its even a single MLA in the Delhi assembly with the BJ0 having merely three MLAs. Let’s see which way does the political wind blows in the near future and which party stages victory in the 2020 Delhi elections?


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