Kejriwal lashes out at the centre,says LG defying supreme court orders amounting to anarchy…


Kejriwal lashes out at the centre,says LG defying supreme court orders amounting to anarchy…

Sunil Negi,Jago Uttarakhand,New Delhi

The chief minister of Delhi Arvind Kejrival has today accused the union NDA government led by BJP and the Lt governor of openly defying the supreme court judgement pertaining to the services department of NCT of Delhi and expressed apprehension that this defiance of the apex court’s ruling may lead to anarchy in the prevailing system of governance.

Kejrival said : it has happened for the first time in the history of the country that the union government’s nominee Lt governor of Delhi is openly flouting the honourable apex court’s ruling by siding with MHA in matters of services despite the fact that the latter has unambiguously in his ruling two days ago said that except the central subjects of law & order, land and Delhi police the Lt. governor is bound by the advice and consent of the Delhi CM, government and the council of ministers as its a duly elected government by the mandate of the people.

Chief minister Arvind Kejrival while addressing the press conference after meeting the Anil Baijal said that when I met the Lt governor this afternoon after the judgement of the apex court along with the deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia he addmitted to follow the apex court rulings in terms of clearing the various long pending proposals of development of Delhi but in the matters of the posting and transfers of the officers of services deptt he outrightly rejected our request saying that since he is the nominee of the MHA appointed by the president of India he is bound to abide by the rules of the union government to which we objected and reminded him about his defiance of the apex court’s judgement which unambiguously says that except police, law & order and land every department is directly under the purview of the state CM who is not bound to seek any permission or clearence from the LG as before.

Expressing his anguish and shock over the LG’s adamant attitude Kejrival said the union government deliberately through the LG wants to create bottlenecks in the way of his government, carrying out the various developmental and public welfare works as being opposed to AAP ideologically it would never want that AAP wins the next state election of Delhi assembly.

Revealing media men that he had already cleared the public welfare projects on his own today that were delayed or held up at the LG’s end Arvind Kejrival said at the well attended press conference that the first and foremost priority of his government would be to deliever cheap ration at the door steps of the poor, hapless, lower middle class and depressed sections of the society, the file of which has been clared by him today itself. He said that the proposal regarding provision of CCTV cameras in Delhi and the completion of the long pending Signature Bridge has also been cleared by him, likely to be completed in the next few months.

Many other pro people decisions would also follow rapidly in the near future, assured Kejriwal to the pressmen.

Being absolutely catagorical in accusing the union government of BJP led NDA, Kejriwal without wasting a single moment said that the former wants that any good public welfare proposal like construction of roads, water, electricity, food and civil supplies and health care related proposals are not implemented by misusing the bureaucrats thus ensuring that AAP finally loses the next election and BJP wins. Its only because of this ill intention in mind the uniin govt and its nominee LG is defying the court’s norms and not accepting to give up the powers of services department of Delhi to the state government despite the apex court’s unambiguos judgement that except land, police and law and order every department would be under the sole purview of the NCT of Delhi’s incumbent government ruled by Arvind Kejrival.


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